(Structural Insulated Panels)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

SIPS panels are used in wall and roof construction.  They allow the construction of your building to accomplish structural and insulation objectives at the same time.  With proper sizing and load design they will provide all the required structural needs while providing a core comprised of EPS foam.

A 5 ½” SIPS panel is rated R24 on a whole wall basis.

In comparison, a conventionally framed 2x6 wall cavity, insulated with R19 fiberglass batts, only reaches a R factor of R13.  This would be established under perfect conditions, when the entire wall is averaged including the framing members. Most often, complete wall assembly falls short of the advertised R13 because of gaps and voids in the installation of the fiberglass.

We encourage the use of SIPS panels on your next project and are happy to discuss this option with you.